Places to visit in USA


The United States is not only a land of many opportunities; it is also a place where adventure lovers will fall in love with the first time they travel across the country. Indeed, the US has lots of attractions; ranging from its majestic landmarks to its breathtaking beautiful scenery. If you are planning to travel across this beautiful country, a good place to begin is by visiting Rental24h for some of the best car rental options. Below is a list of the 5 most enchanted travel destinations in the US.

1. New York

There is more than one reason why New York, or rather the Big Apple, is a special favourite among domestic and international tourists alike. The city is the most populous in the United States and boasts lots of museum such as the Metropolitan-Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American-Art, to mention but a few. But as you probably already know, the city is synonymous with some of the most iconic landmarks in the US namely; the Statue of-Liberty, the Empire State-Building and The Times Square. These, among other landmarks, dot the city’s majestic skyline views.

2. Los Angeles

LA is synonymous with Hollywood’ glamorous spotlight and indeed, that is the main thing that makes Los Angeles one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US West Coast. The city is also lauded for its beautiful beachfront restaurants and neighbourhoods, as well as great beaches such as;
> The Santa Monica and
>Malibu beaches
There are great attractions for road trippers, with many sections of the city mapped out for road trips where you can behold some of its most scenic landscapes.

3. Washington

Many know Washington as the capital city of the US but those who have visited this city will never get enough of its many monuments and museums, most of which offer free admission. If you are keen on learning a thing or two about the US history, then Washington is the place to be. Head on to the Ford’s Theater and relive the moments of a place where Abraham Lincoln was shot or take a trip to Mount Vernon and immerse yourself into the rich history of both the native and the African American heritage.

4. San Francisco

This is another great city of the US West Coast, boasting of great neighbourhoods such as Chinatown and Haight-Ashbury as well as one of the greatest wonders of modern-times; the Golden-Gate Bridge. Come explore a true architectural marvel as you survey the only bridge of its kind in the whole world. For your delectable wine trips, you could try Sonoma County or Napa Valley. Or you could head down to the Silicon Valley for some glimpse into the tech world.

5. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is synonymous with world-class casinos and a vibrant nightlife. But that’s not enough. The city also boasts some of the greatest shopping and dining experiences. It is not unusual that you will bump into a celebrity as you explore Vegas, because the glamour offered in the city’s restaurants, spas and other recreational centres is simply second to none. Explore as many casinos as you can and take your chances even as you explore other exquisite attractions of this city.


There goes our list of the US top travel destinations. And if you ever want to explore this magical beauty on a road trip, we would recommend starting off by renting a car from Rental24h.